AI disruption: Is robo-advisory a threat to financial planners?

The financial services ecosystem is witnessing a rapid technological change

From opening a bank account or buying an insurance policy to fighting cancer or even buying a pair of shoes, we are increasingly being helped or influenced by artificial intelligence (AI).

In Mumbai, designers Falguni and Shane Peacock used AI to create their latest collection. In Bengaluru, a startup is using AI to improve detection of breast cancer and also make treatment cheaper. And in the Tata Motors plant in Pune, a robot is skilled enough to do 30 different tasks — that’s artificial intelligence again.

The world around is changing much faster than we can imagine, and this six-part series goes behind the scenes to understand how.

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Does your financial adviser tick all the right boxes?

Financial advisory firms come in many shapes and sizes and by many names. On the surface they may all seem to generally offer the same services and advisory protocols. But if you delve a bit deeper, you are likely to find this is not entirely the case.

So, entrusting your wealth and future financial well-being to a financial advisory firm, how do you know if you are getting the best advice and service possible that is best suited to meeting your specific requirements and best protects and grows your investment?

Carrick Wealth’s business model is premised on putting its clients and their needs at the centre of the client-adviser relationship. We always aim to improve the client’s experience with the highest standards of professionalism, firmly anchored within the applicable regulatory and compliance environment. This ensures that clients and their investments will be best served.

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